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Tesco Pet Insurance

Tesco, the well know supermarket, offers a pet insurance product that can cost just £4 a month for cats and £7 a month for dogs. Tesco pet insurance does not have a maximum age limit, so you can insure older cats and dogs. Not something that every pet insurance company offers!

Why choose Tesco Pet Insurance?

With Tesco pet insurance insurance you can get:

• No maximum age limit. You can insure your older cat or dog
• 5% discount when you buy your Tesco pet insurance online
• An extra 5% discount when you insure your second pet with Tesco pet insurance.
• Up to £1,000 for holiday cancellation/curtailment due to loss, or if your pet needs life-saving treatment.
• Up to £500 towards boarding costs if the owner has to go into hospital for more than 4 days.
• Up to £500 towards advertising costs if your pet is lost or stolen
• Up to £1million third party liability if your dog causes injury to third parties or damage to their property.

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